Expressive Arts: Therapy, Consulting, Education
"Finding  Our  Way  Back  Home"

Focusing on the things that are working for us initiates the strengths based, resource centered model that 

was the framework of Ms. Rancourt’s cultural childhood. This foundation supports "meeting the learner where 

they are at" while determining what pathways are readily adapting to new normals. Regardless of the modality 

the recipient/artist participant is engaged in, accessing pathways from the outside in supports the art making 

process that leads to change.  "There's no hurry.  We take our time."

It is this flexibility, and adaptability, that employs Ms. Rancourt’s program development, assessment and 

implementation of life skills. Resiliency is survivability and if you are reading this then you are both. 

What are you waiting for? 

Walking the Northwoods:  An interview of Ms. Rancourt by Adam Tinkle and Emily Rizzo.  A 7 minute Soundcloud byte about Suzanne's philosophy and use of Nature in Trauma recovery.  Click HERE 
Interview with Ms. Rancourt 9/1/2019 The John Mac Radio Hour  Click HERE to listen.